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A Complete Guide on UVC Sterilization

A clean place is a safe place. But one thing that the current world fighting Covid-19 has taught us is that cleaning might not be all our places need. In fact, the truth is, cleaning should not be confused or used interchangeably with disinfecting. Cleaning might remove germs but only disinfecting can ensure banishing them to the fringes of existence.

One rapidly emerging technique of sterilization and disinfection is the use of UV light. Despite its delayed popularity, the technique itself has been as old as the mid 20th century. With the advancement in technology and the improvement in UV sterilizers, this technique has finally broadened the scope of its functionality in terms of where it can be used. The reliable lifespan of UV devices and their smaller size has now allowed us to not only use them to disinfect spaces but also small things. 

Let’s dig deeper into what UV Sterilization is and why it is becoming the talk of town!

What Is Ultraviolet (UV) Light?

Ultraviolet or UV light is a form of light that is typically invisible to the naked eye. It falls under the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, that is between X-rays and visible light. The sun is the natural source of UV light, but most of it is absorbed by earth’s protective layer, known as the ozone layer. 

One great thing about UV light is that its wavelength is between 200 and 300 nanometers which are proven to be germicidal. This means that they have the ability to inactivate microorganisms like bacteria, viruses and protozoa. The germicidal characteristic of UVC light makes it an environmentally friendly, safe and highly effective technique to disinfect surfaces, rooms and things. 

Is UVC Sterilization Effective Against Viruses?

UV sterilization is not only effective against viruses but also against many other microorganisms. Science proves that at 254 nm wavelength, UV light is effective against food-borne pathogens, bacteria, molds and yeasts. Upon exposure of viruses, bacteria and protozoa to UV light, they become incapable of reproducing and infecting. The UVC light is known to even damage the coronavirus RNA to stop its reproduction and infection. It can also damage the protein that coats the virus, preventing it from attaching to a host cell.  

Since there is a wide range of microorganisms that comes with different shapes and sizes, it affects their UV absorption. Each type of microorganism takes different time to become inactive on exposure to UV light.

Where Can UV Sterilization Be Used?

UV sterilizers can be best used as a supplemental infection control technique for any space. The efficiency of the sterilization has made it possible to disinfect small things like phones and surfaces instantly.

Many airlines and NYC subways have been using UVC sterilization since early spring. From houses, schools and hospitals to offices, courthouses and airports, you can use it effectively anywhere. UV sterilization specially controls the spreading of pathogens and bacteria in high-traffic areas. It has provided us a standard that could never be achieved by manual cleaning and washing.  

Advantages of UV Light for Sterilization

Some of the most significant advantages of using ultraviolet light for sterilization are as follows:

  • UVC kills germs and viruses in the air as well as on surfaces.
  • UV light is a chemical-free technique that adds nothing harmful to the environment.
  • UV devices do not need transportation, storage or complex handling which allows practically anyone to use it with ease without any threats to the surroundings.
  • It is highly effective at inactivating a broad range of microorganisms, including coronavirus strains  and chlorine-resistant pathogens.
  • It runs automatically with a remote and disinfects places within a short period of time.
  • It poses no risk to the environment and is completely safe to handle.

Final Word

The ultraviolet light technology is especially becoming popular among companies that are now using multi-tactic approaches to contain the spread of coronavirus. It is ideal for disinfecting large spaces without manual labor, human error or harmful effects to the environment. 

With the relief that the technology is clean, safe and effortless, you can find various UV devices at UVC Deals for sterilization in a short amount of time. All you have to do is press a button and relax while a UV device disinfects the room. No other brand offers the variety of UVC devices with diverse functions like the ones you can find at UVC Deals!

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