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The Benefits of Using UVC Sterilization Troffer for High Traffic Areas

The Benefits of Using UVC Sterilization Troffer for High Traffic Areas

Did you know that disinfecting a space was as simple as placing a light in a room? Once you have stepped out of the room and switched on the light, everything the light touches, it disinfects. It sounds magical, right? The truth is it is very much scientific and every bit real!


Ever since UVC light has been discovered as a disinfectant, it has made disinfecting places a breeze. So, whether it is disinfecting a pharmacy or a hotel room, ultraviolet light comes handy in a broad range of applications.


Read on to find out how a UVC Sterilization Troffer can be highly useful for high traffic areas!


Why Do High Traffic Areas Need UVC Sterilization?

Bacteria and viruses have the ability to survive on surfaces for a few days. This characteristic increases the risk of transmission by a great deal. Thus, making high traffic areas like stations, banks, hospitals etc. the most vulnerable places to catch viruses or bacteria.


If we could see microorganisms, we would be shocked to know just how prevalent harmful pathogens are in our environment. When it comes to places that a lot of people visit on a daily basis, the risk of transmission and reproduction increases tenfold. The only way to reduce, if not eliminate, the risk of transmission in high traffic areas is through UVC Sterilization.


A permanent disinfection fixture can prevent a highly visited area from being home to harmful pathogens. A UVC sterilizer can disinfect such a space in a short period of time, depending mostly on the number of units you use and the height of the ceiling. A lot of high traffic areas, like hospital rooms, use UVC sterilizers as part of their daily disinfecting routine.


Benefits of UVC Sterilization Troffer for High Traffic Areas

UVC Sterilization Troffers are designed to be added as a permanent fixture in a high traffic area. They sterilize a space without effecting the aesthetic of a public space. Here are some of the key benefits of using a UVC Sterilization Troffer for high traffic areas:

Eliminates Microorganisms

UVC Sterilization Troffers are clinically proven to eliminate 99.9% of all pathogens within seconds of UVC exposure of 253.7 nm wavelength. So, whether it is viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold or any other germs you are dealing with, you can rest assured once you have UVC Sterilization Troffers in place in a high traffic area.


Another great thing about using UVC Sterilization Troffers is that we have the ease of programming them and setting or resetting them with a remote control. With intelligent programming, you can select the time duration for sterilization using a time button.

Automatic Deactivation on Movement

UVC Troffers contain a motion sensor that deactivates the lamp automatically if the device detects movement within a distance of 16 feet. This prevents anyone from workers to visitors from getting exposed to ultraviolet light as a result of entering the area while sterilization is underway.

Contact-free Disinfection

These devices eliminate the chance of human error and cross contamination as the disinfection is completely contact-free.


Sterilizing and disinfecting public spaces and high traffic areas is not an occasional solution anymore. With a permanent fixture of UVC Sterilizer, you can now disinfect a place everyday. A UVC Sterilization Troffer by UVC Deals allows you to simply clear the room, set the timer with a remote and disinfect any space without any hassle. Ideal for schools, courtrooms, office buildings and medical offices, troffers are made in USA and are 100% Buy American compliant.


Check out an unprecedented range of UVC devices at UVC Deals today and pick the right one for your need!

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