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The Best UVC Sterilizers for Household Uses

The Best UVC Sterilizers for Household Uses

There is practically no place like home. And with Coronavirus racking up big numbers daily, there isn’t any place you are more concerned about disinfecting than your home. You might be doing a pretty bang up job at washing hands frequently and cleaning the house to keep your family safe and healthy. But you need a more reliable option that offers absolute sterilization of desktops, doorknobs, sinks, toilets, remotes and other high-touch items and surfaces.

The good news is that UVC light can disinfect all of that and more in a matter of minutes. Not only does it eliminate 99.9% of all harmful pathogens, but it is also clean, safe and effortless. If you are confused about which UVC Sterilizer might be the best for household uses, here is a comprehensive list to choose from.

UVC Hand Wands

UV wands make some of the most popular UV sanitizers. They are great for handbags, cars, backpacks, clothes, furniture and other personal items. All you have to do is simply swipe the wand back and forth over the desired surface for the recommended amount of time and the job is done.

UVC Deals offers UV wands in three different sizes; Mini UVC Sanitizer Wand, Rapid UVC Sanitizer Wand, All Purpose UVC Hand Wand.

UVC Room Sterilizer

UVC room sterilizers are an ideal option to disinfect different rooms and spaces in your home. They are fast and effective and you can disinfect an entire room by eliminating 99.9% of the pathogens in the air and on surfaces. Sterilizing with these devices is completely effortless, allowing you to turn them on and walk away.

At UVC Deals you can find both, small and large room UVC sterilizers, that fit all user needs.

UVC Phone Sterilizer

One of the most concerning personal items are our phones which accumulate viruses and bacteria throughout the day. UVC phone sterilizers are especially great for small personal items like keys, wallets, cards, jewelry, etc. Their dual function also allows you to use the top unit as a wireless fast charger.

UVC phone sterilizer by UVC Deals also has an aromatherapy diffuser that adds a pleasing fragrance during disinfection. 

UVC Sanitizer Bag

Whether your concern is sanitizing your smartphone and laptop or your beauty products, a UVC sanitizer bag is an easy way to kill germs on all kinds of items that can fit into the bag. UVC bags are incredibly portable and within a 5 minute cycle, you can disinfect any small-to-medium household items that might be exposed to germs and viruses.

The UVC sanitizer bag by UVC Deals comes with a gravity sensor that deactivates the light if the lid is opened or the bag shaken.

Given the circumstances, we are all trying our best. Social distancing, washing hands and disinfecting surfaces while working from home can be a lot to deal with. And this is where UV sterilizers can be super-effective to make the job easier.

Even without the current health scare, UVC sterilizers can be a solid investment. They are naturally germicidal and offer a quick, satisfying solution to a harrowing problem.

Find a reliable UVC sterilizer suitable for your unique needs at UVC Deals today!


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