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Things to Consider Before Buying UVC Sterilization Devices

Things to Consider Before Buying UVC Sterilization Devices

Imagine going out to purchase furniture for your new apartment and coming back with a king sized bed that doesn’t fit in your room. The hassle that comes as a result of a bad purchase is inexplicable. This is why a sound buying decision always begins with thorough research and some reliable reviews.


UVC sterilization devices are inarguably some of the best disinfecting tools that you can find in the market. But when it comes to purchasing, it can be confusing to decide which UVC sterilizer is the right choice for your home or facility.


Read this guide to understand what factors to consider when choosing a UVC device for disinfection.


The Right Wavelength

The first thing to remember is that not all ultraviolet light is the same. The wavelength of the UV light is what essentially distinguishes UV lights that do and don’t work for sterilization. Ultraviolet light is divided into three categories on the basis of their wavelengths; UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C.

The most relevant and conclusive research shows that UV-C is the only category that is effective for sterilization. This is because only this wavelength is capable of the destruction of DNA and RNA or microbes.


There are various brands in the market that are selling UV devices for sterilization that are of UV-A wavelengths. You must always beware of the products that are sold by simply using ‘ultraviolet’ as a marketing term. Many dishonest sellers take advantage of unaware customers by selling UV-A products in the name of effective sterilization devices.


Safety Risks of a UVC Device

UV-C wavelengths are very powerful than other forms of UV lights. In fact, the UV light that reaches earth passes through the ozone layer first to filter UV-C light. This wavelength of ultraviolet light can cause sunburn and long exposures can also lead to skin cancer. So, when choosing a UVC sterilizing device, make sure to buy a product that offers complete safety by eliminating all possible risks of exposure.


For example, at UVC Deals you can find UVC devices with gravity sensors for safety. These sensors automatically deactivate the devices if there is sign of human exposure, like if the UVC wand is turned up or if the lid of the UVC bag is open. In case of a UVC troffer, a motion sensor deactivates the lamp when it detects movement within 16 feet.



The next factor to consider is affordable prices. It is true that UVC sterilization devices are overall very cost-effective as they save you the hefty sums you pay on sanitizers and chemical cleaners every month. But there is absolutely no need to go overboard with your budget for buying a UVC device.


One great thing about buying a UVC device from UVC Deals is that we offer two year warranty which makes our products very reliable. At the time of purchase, you are also offered a 30-day money back guarantee because we value your hard earned money.



The last and one of the most important factors to consider is whether the sterilizer is right for your specific needs or not. There is a wide range of UVC devices that have varying features and functionality. You must consider the items you are looking to sterilize.


For example, portable UVC sterilization devices can be used for room disinfection. This makes UVC wands ideal for sterilizing all kinds of items like furniture, keys, laptops and even toilet seats. Similarly, if you are seeking a sterilizer to disinfect a high traffic place, you can go for a UVC sterilization troffer. 


Given all the stress related to the pandemic, it might be tempting to buy whatever you come across. But it is important that you make an educated decision about what you purchase and how to use it. Head over to the UVC Deals website to buy the most reliable and effective UVC sterilization devices you can find in the market. 

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