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What Industries Can Benefit From UVC Devices?

What Industries Can Benefit From UVC Devices?

As businesses are powering through the pandemic, every industry is trying to find the best way to operate. With the cleaning checklists changing, it seems that we have created our new normal. And in this new normal, disinfecting is at the top of the list of priorities.


The new found caution has presented UVC disinfection as a remarkable tool that offers impeccable sterilization. UVC devices are used successfully around the world and are regarded as the most effective form of disinfection for both, air and surfaces.


Lately, the use of UVC devices has become an essential step in cleaning and disinfection across different industries. This includes institutions, hospitals, laboratories, offices, schools, etc.


Here are some important industries that are using UVC technology for a safe and clean environment:


Grocery Stores

The use of UVC light for disinfection is especially important for brick and mortar businesses that receive high traffic. Grocery stores especially top the list of such industries because they are an absolute necessity and the high traffic at these stores poses the risk of spreading viruses and other pathogens. UVC troffers are especially great for such big areas that offer regular disinfection to help shoppers feel safer when they venture into a store.



Another industry that has been hit hardest by the pandemic is the hospitality industry. With people practicing social distancing, every one considers hotel rooms potential places to catch the virus. The truth is, their reservations are reasonable as hotel rooms are previously occupied by others which leaves the risk of contamination.


In fact, with many people touching objects like glasses, telephone sets, TV remotes, etc., the whole place requires thorough cleaning and disinfection. UVC room sterilizers can be effectively used for hotel rooms and lobbies to provide a safe environment to both the staff and visitors.


Airports and Transportation

UVC technology is being used at airports and different means of transportation around the world are using ultraviolet light to disinfect airplane cabins, subway cars, cruise ships and waiting areas. One thing that is very important to customers on board an aircraft, bus or cruise is to know that it is clean and safe to travel in.


This industry can especially benefit from UVC technology as airports contribute to the potential spread of disease. This is mainly because of the high number of passengers from across the world coming together in enclosed spaces. UVC hand wands, portable units and troffers can all be helpful in this industry to eliminate 99.9% of all harmful pathogens.



While due to the current pandemic, there is widespread concern about public health that might have been previously overlooked, UVC disinfection is an incredibly useful tool with or without the pandemic. The UVC technology which was once typically used in hospital settings is now making way into various industries to provide a clean and safe environment.


At UVC Deals, we are always looking for ways to help businesses keep their premises as safe and clean as possible. If you are looking for quality UVC devices for your business, visit UVC Deals to find one that is just right for your commercial needs.

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