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Why Should You Buy a Portable UVC Sanitizer Wand?

Why Should You Buy a Portable UVC Sanitizer Wand?

What if sanitizing an object was as simple as waving a magical wand? Well, magical - it might not be in the literal sense of the word - but UVC Deals has a portable wand that can make sanitizing things as good and easy as it gets!

If you are someone who has been spending some considerable time at the supermarket lately to find household disinfectants and wipes, you would probably understand the allure of UVC wands. Portable UVC wands are not only easy-to-use, but they can also sanitize everything. From door knobs, buttons and mail boxes to makeup brushes, furniture and pet areas, they can help you disinfect everything around you.

 These devices work on the same scientifically proven principle as do UVC Sterilizing Wireless Chargers. This means that merely holding the UVC wand over an object for a few seconds can kill microbes.

 Read on to find out why you should consider buying one for your house!  

 Lightweight and Portable

The Portable UVC Sanitizer Wand by UVC Deals is super lightweight and easy to carry on the go. You can take it with you anywhere and sanitize the things in your car, keyboards, your kids’ toys and even your toilet seats.

You can choose between three sizes, depending on your needs of portability. You can go for a 10.5” long wand, 20.8” long, and even for a Mini UVC Sanitizer Wand that is merely 5” long and folds up to maximize portability. With such convenience, these are perfect to take them with you on your weekend trips to the Airbnb. 

Removes 99.9% Germs

Germs rest on surfaces and practically on everything around you. In fact, our phones are covered in about 20 times more germs than our toilet seats. Most of these germs might be harmless but some might not be.

Especially when there is a pandemic around, you can not risk letting those harmful germs go untreated. So, one of the best precautions that you can take against the coronavirus or any other pathogen is to disinfect your things with a Portable UVC light Wand Sanitizer.


Disinfects Anything in Seconds

These portable wands are not only effective but they are incredibly efficient too. It is effortless and simple to use them. When it comes to using UVC wands, there is no need for expertise. Merely waving the wand one to two inches above the objects for 5-10 seconds on both sides can help you get rid of 99.9% germs.   


Safe to Use

Another great thing about these wands is that they are completely safe for household use. Hypoallergenic sanitizing does not leave irritants or chemicals behind that could pose a risk to your health. They also have a gravity sensor that temporarily deactivates the wand when facing up to avoid exposing you to UV rays.

UVC has been used for getting rid of germs and bacteria for the last few decades by destroying their DNA and RNA. But lately, people are searching for effective ways to curb the spread of coronavirus and to that end, the UVC Light Wand Sanitizers are a great option.

 If you want to clean your surfaces and things without the hassle of using toxic chemicals, get a Portable UVC Sanitizer Wand from UVC Deals, right now!  

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